Dulcey Chocolate Tart

Recipe from Pastry Chef Sarah Kosikowski, L'École Valrhona Pastry Chef - Eastern USA

Recipe made for 24 x 2,75"

Hazelnut Pâte Sablé

240 g butter
     4 g salt
165 g confectioner's sugar
  55 g hazelnut flour
100 g eggs
120 g all-purpose flour
350 g all-purpose flour

- Mix the softener butter with the salt, confectioner's sugar, hazelnut flour, eggs, and the smaller quantity of flour.

- Do not over mix!

- As soon as the mixture is evenly combined, add the remaining flour very rapidly.

- Set aside in the refrigerator overnight.

- Bake at 160°C/320°F.


Dulcey Chocolate Ganache

400 g heavy cream
  65 g invert sugar

- Proceed as with a classic ganache: bring the cream to a boil with the sugar and gradually pour onto the melted Dulcey Chocolate to make an emulsion.

- Finish adding the cream and mix with a hand blender to perfect the emulsion.

Assembly and Finishing

- Make the tart shells and bake at 160°C/320°F until nicely golden.

- Pour the ganache at 28-29°C/82-83°F into the pastry shells and leave to set at 17°C/63 °F.

- To finish decorating the tarts, temper some Dulcey Chocolate and use a little oil to stick some acetate dipping sheets onto some very flat baking sheets.

- Pour on a small quantity of chocolate and immediately cover with a second sheet. Use a rolling pin to spread out the chocolate, pushing it out towards the edges and checking the thickness. Before it sets completely, use the back of a knife to cut out different sized rectangles, rolling them around the rolling pin.

- Leave to set at 17°C/63 °F.

- Arrange a curved rectangle of Dulcey Chocolate on each tartlet.




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