Intense Nyangbo

An original recipe from l'Ecole du Grand Chocolat.

 Recipe for one 34 x 34 cm frame, 10 mm deep.

Nyangbo Ganache

105 g inverted sugar
580 g whipping cream 35%
720 g NYANGBO couverture 68%

155 g pasteurized butter

Heat the cream with the inverted sugar to boiling point.

Gradually pour the boiling hot liquid over the melted chocolate.

Mix from the centre with a spatula to create a shiny and elastic core.

This texture should be maintained throughout. As soon as the ganache has cooled to about 35/40 °C, add the diced butter and finish with a hand held mixer.

Pour into a 34 x 34 cm frame, 10 mm deep, stuck on a guitar sheet sprayed with dark chocolate couverture.

Allow to crystallize for 24 to 36 hours at 17 °C, 60% humidity.

Assembly and Finishing

Precoat the ganache with dark chocolate couverture then cut 22.5 x 22.5 mm squares.

Before coating, turn the ganache on its side so as to coat the cut edge.

Coat the ganache rectangles with couverture.

Using a paper cornet, make lines and drops of orange cocoa butter tempered at 30/32 °C on a neutral guitar sheet.

When the cocoa butter has crystallized, use a brush to dust the surface with gold powder.

Immediately after the chocolates have been coated in the machine, press on transfer sheets.

Allow to crystallize before removing the backing.



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