Caramel made with Salted Butter, Nutmeg and Lemon


An original recipe created by l'Ecole du Grand Chocolat

410 g superfine sugar
680 g heavy cream
270 g glucose
1 vanilla bean
115 g VALRHONA TANARIVA 33% Milk Chocolate couverture
170 g salted butter
5 g lemon zest
3,5 g nutmeg


Heat the heavy cream and the glucose.

Allow the lemon zest and the nutmeg to infuse in this mixture.

Make a dry caramel with the superfine sugar.

Cool down the caramel by adding the mixture of cream and glucose which has been passed through a chinois, then heat the resulting mass to a temperature of 104° C.

Allow the temperature to fall to 80/85° C, then make an emulsion with the Tanariva milk chocolate couverture.

When the temperature reaches 35° C, add the tempered butter and blend.

Be careful, the temperature of the caramel should not exceed 30/31° C at time of handling.




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