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 RESULTS Valrhona C³ Pastry Competition, International Final at ICC


On October 23 and 24, 2016 Valrhona and Starchefs partnered to host the international final of the Chocolate Chef Competition aka C³ at the 11th Annual StarChefs International Chefs Congress.



 Chef Fredrik Borgskog 
from Upper House/Gothia Towers - Gothenburg, SWEDEN


Plated dessert: Guanaja 70% Bavaroise with Guanaja Cremeux, Opalys and Coconut Sorbet, "Big" Apple, Atsina Cress and Brownie
Petit-Four: Guanaja 70% Ganache with Banana crisp bread, Quinoa and nut Cookie, Sudachi cream and with Guanaja Décor

The Second Prize of the 2016 C³ Competition went to...

Chef Damien Gendron
from Grand Hotel - Cap Ferrat, FRANCE


Plated dessert: "Celeste" - Guanaja 70% Chocolate Moelleux, Mikan and Flowing Yuzu Juice, Opaline Cocoa Nibs, Chocolate Mousse (feat Guanaja and Opalys), Sobacha Foam, Mikan Jelly, Guanaja Sauce and Shortbread Croustillant
Petit-Four: "Celestine" - Guanaja 70% Mousse Kalamansi, Coconut Panacotta and purée, Shortbread Croustillant, Guanaja décor and Kalamansi Gel

The Press Prize of the 2016 C³ Competition went to...

Chef Benjamin Kunert
from Atlantis by Giardino - Zurich, Switzerland



Discover the other candidates' creations! 

Nicolas.jpg     Nicolas_b_2.jpg        

Nicolas Blouin from Rosewood Mansion - Dallas, TX, USA 

Petit-Four"La Forêt Noire" (Black Forest) - Guanaja 70% Sponge, mousse and glaze; Cherry Compote; CocoaNib Tuile, Basil Whipped Cream; Fleur de Sel Chocolate Cookie and Sugar Stem

Plated dessert"La Poire Belle Helene- Guanaja Sponge, Poached Pear, Pear Sorbet, Guanaja 70% Pastry Cream, Chocolate Fleur de Sel Cookie, Guanaja 70% Chocolate Ginger Emulsion and Blown Sugar

nicola.jpg     nicola_2.jpg        

Nicola Dobnik from Del Cambio - Turin, ITALY

Petit-Four: "Planet Guanaja" - UV Gel, Raspberry and Guanaja Meringue, Cassis and Guanaja Ganaches

Plated dessert"Guanaja in NYC- Plum Cake and Plum Cake syrup, Red Fruit Gelée, Guanaja 70% Mousse, Creamy Guanaja, Violet Sauce, Cocoa Streuzel, Hazelnut Biscuit, Chocolate and Hazelnut Ice Cream

ANDREA1.jpg     ANDREA.jpg        

Andrea Dopico from Moments - Barcelona, SPAIN

Petit-Four"L'Essence de Guanaja" - Aerated Caramel, Almond Sesame Nougatine, Valrhona P125 Biscuit Moelleux, Passion Fruit Gelée, Chocolate Cigarette Paste and Guanaja and Dulcey Thins

Plated dessert"Eau de Chocolat" - Guanaja 70% Crémeux, Guanaja sorbet, Spiced Banana Bread, Passion Fruit and Mango Dots, Craft Beer Gel, Guava & Tamarillo Foam, Caramelized Hazelnut and Guanaja Caramel

fabrizio.jpg     Fabrizio2.jpg        

Fabrizio Fiorani from BVLGARI Hotels & Resorts - Tokyo, JAPAN

Petit-Four"Citrus BonBon" - Bergamot - Yuzu Jelly and Saffron Guanaja 70%

Plated dessert"Guanaja 70% and Bargamot" - Namelaka Guanaja, Guanaja and Cocoa Sable, Guanaja Ice Cream and Bergamot Jelly and sauce



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