Bahibé Caramel Bars

An original recipe by L'Ecole Du Grand Chocolat

Makes 7x7 frames

Sugar Cookie Base

(about 400g per base)

432g AP flour
    5g baking powder
    1g salt
170g unsalted butter
211g granulated sugar
  48g (1ea.) eggs
  29g sour cream
  3g vanilla extract

Cream the butter and sugar with the paddle attachment on a stand mixer until light and fluffy.

Slowly add the egg and the vanilla extract, scraping down the sides to incorporate the butter.

Add the melted Dulcey chocolate and mix thoroughly.

Combine the dry ingredients- add half of the mixture slowly, then add sour cream, and finish with the dry items.

Mix just until the dough comes together and scrape down often.

Form into 2 balls, flatten and wrap with plastic wrap- chill for several hours.

Roll out dough to 0.5mm thickness and cut with the 7x7 frame.

Bake the dough inside the frame on a silpat at 325F for 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Set aside to cool.

Soft Dulcey Caramel

(about 200g per frame)

270g whipping cream 35% fat
   90g glucose syrup
270g granulated sugar

Bring the cream to a boil and set aside.

Heat the glucose in a pot with tall sides until it begins to boil.

Add the sugar in several intervals and bring to a medium caramel.

Remove from the heat and stop the cooking by slowly adding the hot cream.

Return to the heat and cook to 115C.

Melt the Dulcey and once the caramel has cooled to 100C, emulsify the chocolate by pouring the caramel over in several additions and mixing well between.

Burr mix the caramel and pour immediately on the cookie base still in the frame, dividing between the two.

Set aside to cool.

Bahibe Oat Crunch

(300g per frame)

 84g wheat flakes cereal
 84g pecan pieces
156g oat crumble
Fleur de sel

Toast pecans pieces- cool and place in a food processor to obtain a fine texture.

Make the oat crumble and process to the same texture.

Using gloves, crush the wheat flakes by hand to a similar size and combine with the pecans and oat crumble.

Melt the Bahibe and seed with a few feves of additional chocolate- temper accordingly.

Coat the oat mixture with the tempered chocolate and divide between two frames on a silpat.

Working quickly, flatten the mixture into the frame without pressing too firmly and sprinkle with fleur de sel.

Set aside to crystallize.

Oat Crumble

45g dark brown sugar
56g AP flour
0.5g baking soda
0.5g baking powder
56g old fashion oats
1g salt
63g butter

Combine all ingredients except butter.

Melt the butter and pour over- mix to combine.

Spread on baking try and bake at 325F for 8-10 min until golden brown.

Break up large pieces while still warm with a metal scraper. Set aside to cool.

Assembly and Finishing

Once the caramel is cooled, yet slightly warm (below 30C), placed the crystallized Bahibe oat crunch on top and press firmly and evenly.

Let the bar set 4 hours before cutting into portions.



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