Corporate Social Responsibility  

 Discover our 7 commitments to build a sustainable future in our latest Corporate Social Responsibility report. 

For many years, Valrhona has been building sustainable relationships with its clients, suppliers, employees and local communities.

Did you know for instance that:

    -over the last two years, Valrhona has led 17 PROJECTS in 7 PRODUCING COUNTRIES and aims to support 3 new countries by 2017?
Out of the projects that were finalized or launched this year, this report focuses on:
• A project to improve education conditions  in the  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
• A project for healthcare in  PERU
• A project to improve living conditions in MADAGASCAR

    -100% of cocoa-bean suppliers have agreed to partner with Valrhona’s social responsibility approach by signing the Responsible Purchasing

We invite you to read our latest CSR report and discover our sustainable commitments, from initiatives to support cocoa farming communities to our plan to decrease our environmental footprint.


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