L'École du Grand Chocolat 
celebrates its
Silver Anniversary - 25th anniversary


The first Valrhona chocolate school, “L’École du Grand Chocolat” was founded in 1989 at Valrhona’s home-base in Tain l’Hermitage. The school was created by Frédéric Bau, a passionate and visionary pastry chef, who is currently the Creative Director for Valrhona. This year L’École du Grand Chocolat celebrates its 25th Anniversary, which marks 25 years of passionate encounters and exchanges through training programs, technical advice projects and remote technical support.

L’École du Grand Chocolat is constantly innovating. With its international presence, its team of expert and passionate pastry instructors, the school starts trends, inspires creativity and enriches the knowledge of professionals.

The entire team at L’École du Grand Chocolat, in Tain l’Hermitage, Tokyo, Paris-Versailles and now in Brooklyn, awaits you to experience our expertise and to discover the Valrhona experience of shared learning and professional development in a warm and enjoyable teaching environment.

                               Logo Ecole 25 years

4 Schools
25 Pastry chefs
A database of more than 4,000 recipes
10,000 customers advised yearly



       Valrhona is thrilled to celebrate this Anniversary with the Opening of its First        U.S. Chocolate School Outpost in Brooklyn, New York!
                      Contact us at ecolebrooklyn@valrhona.com




























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