Welcome to the North American

website for Culinary Professionals

It is in the spirit of this special connection with chefs that Valrhona USA extends their partnership with the launch of their North American website for culinary professionals. “The professional website enables these relationships, which we cherish to grow stronger and bring even more value to both us as a company, and our friends and customers in the kitchen,” notes Valrhona USA COO, Anthony Valla.

From information on new products for chefs and chocolatiers to schedules of demos and classes, www.valrhonaprofessionals.com informs, educates, and instructs through regularly updated content and news.  Industry professionals are able to access information, such as how to order products, product usage, tips, recipes, and frequently asked questions 24/7.  Chefs are also able to contact Valrhona for responses to individual questions. 

The professional website perfectly illustrates Valrhona’s unparallel support for chefs.




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