Azélia Bar

An original recipe by L'Ecole Valrhona

Makes 57 bars

Azélia Soft Ganache

440g whipping cream 35% fat
100g invert sugar
660g AZELIA 35%

Bring the cream to a boil with the inverted sugar. 

Add part of the liquid to the melted AZÉLIA 35% couverture and mix to start a proper emulsion.

Continue to add the liquid and take care to keep the texture elastic and shiny.

Once the ganache reaches 35-40°C (95-104°F)

add the soft butter and finish with a hand blender being careful not to incorporate air bubbles.

Cover and allow crystallizing.

Hazelnut Azélia 

360g AZELIA 35%
  1.2g Fine Sea Salt "Fleur de sel"
240g  Roasted Hazelnuts
 360g Hazelnut shortbread

Bake the sable and then grind fine.

Mix with the melted AZÉLIA 35% couverture.


Hazelnut shortbread for "Sablé Pressé Noisettes Azélia" 

129g Butter
 2.6g  Salt
 93g   Confectioners' sugar
 31g   Roasted Hazelnuts meal
 51g   Eggs
 62g   All Purpose Flour
180g All Purpose Flour

Mix the butter with the salt, confectioners’ sugar, ground hazelnuts, eggs and the 62 g of flour to a smooth dough without over beating.

Add in the remaining 180 g of flour and stop mixing when it’s just incorporated.  Set aside in the refrigerator.

Roll out the dough to 2 mm thick and bake at 150-160°C (302-320°F) for 10-12 minutes.



Azélia Bar

700g Azélia 35% couverture
1200g Azélia Soft Ganache 
1 recipe Hazelnut (Sablé pressée) Azélia

Coat the molds with tempered AZÉLIA 35% couverture.

Cut the sablé pressé into a rectangle 10 cm long and 2cm wide.

Make the soft ganache, and with the aid of a piping bag add 18g of the ganache to the molds, being careful not to exceed 28°C when you fill the molds.

Insert the cut piece of sablé pressé into the mold and then fill in any gaps as needed.

Allow to crystalize for 24 hours.  Seal the bar with tempered AZÉLIA 35% couverture, using a heat gun to slightly de-crystalize the edges to allow for a proper seal.

Allow to crystalize for 24 hours at a temperature of 17°C (62.6°F) and 60% humidity.

De-mold the bars and then decorate with a caramelized hazelnut.


azelia bar recipe

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