Nack to NewsValrhona opens its Cite du Chocolat

As of October 2013, Valrhona opens the doors to an unequaled multi-sensory interactive chocolate experience, inviting all chocolate lovers, baking enthusiasts, and also professionals to discover, taste, learn, and take home some of the secrets that have made Valrhona the standard bearer in the chocolate industry.
Featuring information on Valrhona’s cocoa plantations and factory, and the complex processes that transform the cocoa from bean to bar; as well as practical training courses; tasting lessons; a restaurant featuring sweet and savory original Valrhona recipes; activities for children; and the largest Valrhona boutique in the world, Valrhona’s Cite du Chocolat is the ultimate source for chocolate exploration and knowledge.

The Cite du Chocolat is based right at the source, literally, in Tain l’Hermitage in the Rhone Valley of France, home of the Valrhona chocolate making facilities.

Information at a Glance

Address: 12, Avenue du President Roosevelt 26600 Tain l’Hermitage
Telephone: +33 (0)4 75 09 27 27
Adult Admission: 10.50 Euros
Children’s Admission: 7.50 Euros
Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday (9am-7pm),  Sunday (10am-6pm)

 For information about current classes and exhibitions visit:



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