An original recipe from L’Ecole du Grand Chocolat

Lemon Ganache

125 g sugar
  20 g glucose
  40 g water
210 g lemon puree
  35 g grapeseed oil or ghee
145 g Opalys 33%
*4 g/round hollow form

Cook the sugar, glucose and water to 185°C/365°F. Deglaze with the crushed lemon puree.

Cook again to 103°C/217°F, remove from the heat and allow the temperature to drop to 75-80°C/167-176°F before making an emulsion over the melted Opalys couverture.

At 35°C/95°F, add the oil or ghee, mix with a hand held blender and half fill the round hollow forms.

Vodka Gel

400 g Absolu Cristal
180 g vodka
AN finger limes
*4 g/round hollow form

Mix the ingredients together cold.

Pipe into the hollow forms on top of the lemon ganache to fill them completely.

Allow to crystallize for 12 hours at 17°C/63°F, 60% hygrometry.

Coating Mixture

700 g Opalys 33%
300 g Cocoa Butter
yellow cocoa butter coloring
green cocoa butter coloring

Melt the couverture and the cocoa butter at 50°C/122°F.



Temper the coating mixture by following the same temperature curves as for the Opalys couverture.

Seal the round hollow forms and allow to crystallize.

Using a truffle fork, dip the filled forms into colored coating mixture then roll them around in a shallow pan.

Coat a second time and roll in sparkling green garnish sprinkled on a sheet of paper.

Allow to crystallize.


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