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Where are your distributors located? Contact Us to find the nearest distributor according to your state of residence, please click here.

How can I get wholesale information? Contact Us for more information, please click here.

Where can I find your products for wholesale and what are the requirements for ordering wholesale? Contact us for more information, please click here.

Do you have any books about how to bake with chocolate? We have several books about chocolate; you can find them exclusively on the on-line retail store, please go to:

Are your products gluten-free? There is no gluten listed as an ingredient but our products may contain traces of gluten because of the machines used. We recommend people for whom gluten is a healthy concern not to consume our chocolate.

Do you have a kosher certificate? Who / which agency certifies? Most of our chocolates are certified kosher by a rabbi. The agency certifies the entire factory directly. The certificate is renewed every year. To see it, click here.

Do you have any vegan products? No

Are your products Fair Trade ? For several years, the entire profession has been working to eliminate any kind of forced labor and strictly forbids child labor in the plantations. This issue is closely monitored on an international level by the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) within the program of the World Cocoa Foundation (the2001 International Cocoa Initiative, in partnership with the International Labor Organization. Valrhona pursues a policy of direct trade with farmers in accordance with the principles of Fair Trade, although we have chosen not to seek certification from any certifying body. Valrhona does everything in its power to ensure that the conditions in which our cacao is grown allows planters and their families to develop a long-term business strategy. We take particular care to ensure no children work in the production of our cacao, that there is no forced labor and that all national and international labor regulations are respected.

Where can I find the ingredients list? Please contact us for more information.

Do you carry chocolate for people with tree-nut allergies? In most products, we do not use nuts as ingredients but the chocolate may contain traces of peanuts and other nuts, gluten, and egg proteins. We recommend that people with these allergies do not consume our chocolate.

How can I apply to enter as a student at L'Ecole du Grand Chocolat or apply for a class? For information about classes at L’Ecole du Grand Chocolat, please click here.


How should I taste Valrhona chocolates?

Sight: First of all, look at the chocolate. Concentrate carefully on the polish, the shine, and especially the color. Colors can range from milky beiges, to pure mahoganies, to deep darks browns. It is essential detail that reveals the varieties of cocoa beans used.

Smell: Next, smell the chocolate, breathe deeply and fill your mind and body with its aromas.

Hearing: Listen by breaking a square into fragments between your fingers, and listen to the snap it makes.

Taste: Start by biting into a quarter of a chocolate square, to taste the initials flavors, aromas and consistency. They chew again and again, twice, three times (or more) and take the time to savor the various individual flavors that emerge. Let the chocolate melt slowly and delicately on your tongue to reveal its flavors and its aromas.

Touch: Take a moment to concentrate on your tongue, to feel, to savor the different flavors: acid, then if you wait a little longer you may experience the bitterness.

Taste again, but this time concentrates on your nose, and discover the aromas that unleash them one after the other. Similar to wine, you will first smell the most volatile aromas (primary or head aromas): These are instantaneous, fleeting flower or fruit aromas, which volatilize quickly and fade away in the middle of the tasting process. These are essentially hot aromas, such as roasted almonds, hot bread crust, spice mix, etc. Allow yourself to linger over the taste experience, for you will then be able to savor the less volatile aromas of certain chocolates, known as final aromas: These are often woody, roasted nibs (cocoa nibs), malty, etc.

We hope you enjoy your sensorial journey!

How long will the chocolates last and how do I conserve them? Each product has a label with an expiration date (best if used by date). Please refer to this date. We recommend conserving them in a cool place (between 57 and 64F) away from direct sunlight. Possible solutions would be to place them in a cool area or in the vegetable compartment of your refrigerator, provided you keep them in the original packaging, wrapped carefully in a tightly sealed plastic bag. The chocolates should be removed from the refrigerator about two hours before tasting to enjoy their full flavor.


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