Valrhona introduces ILLANKA 63%

 Single Origin Grand Cru Dark Chocolate from PERU

From the majestic tropical forests of Northern Peru, Valrhona brings you ILLANKA 63%.  Made from Gran Blanco beans, rare white cocoa beans found in the Piura region of Peru, this distinctive chocolate delivers exceptional creaminess with strong tang and complex notes of sun-ripened blackberries, blueberries and black grapes.  Anchored by robust chocolate strength with hints of roasted peanuts, ILLANKA 63% is an experience in possibilities, a chocolate that invites the palate on a journey of delicious discoveries.

81 planters from three villages (Quemazon, Barrios and Ranchos) in the Piura region of Northern Peru manage and harvest 77 hectares of cocoa farming plots exclusively for Valrhona.  Grown from cocoa trees that are up to 150 years old, the Gran Blanco bean is renowned for its exquisite aromatic qualities.  This region’s unique dry and tropical climate contributes significantly to the character and coveted qualities of the Gran Blanco cocoa. 

Valrhona is working closely with the farmers of Quemazon, Barrios and Ranchos to help reestablish the Gran Blanco cocoa variety.  Once a thriving crop, the goal is to redevelop this native cocoa in a sustainable way that benefits the entire community.  Because of these efforts, the Gran Blanco cocoa variety was awarded “Best Cacao” at the 2013 Cacao & Chocolate Exhibition in Lima, Peru.  In addition, Gran Blanco cocoa farmers now have a stable source of income while attracting the younger generation to stay in the area and continue the tradition of excellence in cocoa planting and farming.

ILLANKA 63% is an exceptional chocolate that works in most applications, excluding enrobing.  The Chefs and sensory experts of L’École Valrhona offer several suggestions for exquisite flavor pairings.  Consider using ILLANKA with citrus fruits (grapefruit, oranges, yuzu), blackberries, spices (saffron, espelette chili), caramel, almond milk or even cheesecake.   







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