Standing Guanaja Lime Mini Sacher Cakes 

An original recipe by Philippe Givre Executive PAstry Chef at L'Ecole Valrhona

Makes 50 desserts

Almond-Cocoa Shortcrust Pastry
177 g Butter
133 g Confectioner's Sugar
88.4 g All-purpose Flour
73.7 g Whole Eggs
44.2 g Almond Flour
     3 g Salt
221 g All- purpose Flour

Paddle together the softened butter, confectioner’s sugar, small quantity of flour, eggs, almond flour and salt, taking care not to mix.
Once the mixture is smooth, put the large amount of flour and cocoa powder. Keep in the refrigerator or roll out immediately to a thickness of 2mm.
Bake at 150°C (300°F).
Guanaja Sacher Sponge Cake
97.5 g Caster sugar
 158 g Eggs yolks
 113 g Whole Eggs
 188 g Egg Whites
97.5 g Caster Sugar
   75 g Pastry Flour
   75 g GUANAJA 70%
   75 g Butter
Combine the almond paste and 65g of sugar, then soften by adding the egg yolks and whole eggs one-by-one. Whip until ribbons form.  
Beat the egg whites while gradually adding in the remaining sugar. Sift together the flour and cocoa powder.
Meanwhile, melt the Guanaja and butter to 50ºC (122°F).
Blend together a small portion of the egg whites with the melted and butter mixture until smooth and light.
Add the almond paste, egg, and egg-yolk mixture. Blend in the flour mixture and finish by adding the rest of the egg whites.
Spread out the sponge cake batter on a Silpat tray to a thickness of 6-mm. Bake at 180°C (356°F) in a convection oven, vent closed, for 7-8 min.
Guanaja Lime Ganache
536 g Whipping Cream 35%
2 pc(s) Lime Zest
116 g Invert Sugar 
429 g GUANAJA 70% 
107 g Lime juice 
Add the invert sugar to the cream, lime zest and bring to a boil.
Strain and slowly pour the boiling mixture over the melted chocolate, blending in the center to create an elastic and shiny "core", a sign that it has started to emulsify.  
Continue to add the liquid gradually, taking care to retain the texture until mixing is complete.
Add the lime juice. Blend well to complete the emulsion.
Guanaja Icing
 455 g GUANAJA 70%
45.5 g Grape seed oil
Melt the chocolate and add the grape seed oil.
Temper the mixture, then coat the previously chilled products with icing.
Assembly & Finishing 
 Use a raplette pastry spreader to spread out the Sacher sponge-cake batter to a thickness of 6 mm, then bake at 180°C (356°F) for 7-8 minutes.
Cut out 3 sections, corresponding to half a tray, 40 x 60 cm. For the first layer, spread out the lime ganache to a thickness of 4 mm.
Then add the Sacher sponge cake for the second layer.
Repeat the process with another layer each of lime ganache and Sacher sponge (Valrhona ganache frames can be used to assist with assembling the dessert).Place the whole thing in the refrigerator to allow the ganache to crystallize.
Press out the almond-cocoa shortcrust pastry to a thickness of 2-2.5 mm. Cut 25 x 140 mm strips to fit into round pans with a 65-mm diameter.
At the end of each strip, poke a hole with an 8-mm tip for adding a pick or plastic screw later on (see photo).
Place the pastry crusts in the freezer. Butter the round perforated cake pans and place the pastry crust strips into the rounds (the crusts only reach 2/3, not the full circle).  Bake at 155°C (311°F) for about 12-14 minutes.
Use a plain pastry cutter (4-cm diameter) to cut circles out of the assembled Sacher sponge-Lime Ganache, maximizing the surface area to avoid waste. Melt the icing to 30-32°C (86-90°F).
Add a wooden pick or plastic screw (as pictured) to each Sacher round, then coat with the chocolate icing.
On a cold tray lined with a plastic sheet, position the whole pieces standing on edge, adjusting the spike to 45°.
Allow to crystallize in the refrigerator. Decorate with a fine brush and a solution of alcohol and green shimmer powder. 
Use a cornet (paper cone) filled with the remaining icing to make a chocolate dot on a plastic sheet, and affix the crust ring angled upright (see photo) to make a stable base.
To finish the dessert, place the coated Sacher cake into the center of the pastry ring and slide the plastic screw into the pierced hole to keep it in place.


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