Valrhona New Praliné Range 

Brooklyn, NY – The process for making Valrhona signature praliné nut pastes goes back to the founding days of the company and has never gone out of favor with chefs and pastry lovers. Constantly innovating to support chefs, Valrhona has expanded its praliné line; now North American chefs and chocolatiers have six varieties to add to their creative kitchen palette!

Just like the cocoa beans used by the famed French chocolate maker, the nuts used in Valrhona praliné undergo the most rigorous selection process; Valrhona chooses each nut carefully, always sourcing the best. Chosen for their consistently high quality and exceptional flavor, Roman Hazelnuts from Italy and Valencia Almonds from Spain are used to make the six nut pastes in Valrhona’s Praliné Range. Valrhona uses two praliné production processes that result in two very distinct flavor profiles – “Nutty Notes” and “Intense Caramelized Flavor.”

To create the “Nutty Notes” flavor profile, Valrhona puts raw nuts and sugar together in the pan so that they cook together from the start. This process, which Valrhona calls the “chouchou” cooking method (named after the popular candied nuts found at French carnivals), enhances the natural flavor of the nuts. To create the “Intense Caramelized Flavor” profile, Valrhona creates caramel then adds roasted nuts to the caramelized sugar. This second praliné process has been the signature of Valrhona’s pralines for 90 years, and produces an intense caramelized praliné flavor.

Valrhona applies these two praliné processes to three nut combinations, to offer a total of six different praline pastes.

Five of them come in a innovative 3kg stand-up soft bag packaging facilitates stability, easy blending, and precise pouring.




  • 70 % ALMONDValencia Almonds from Spain
  • Delicately sweet with intense, long lasting roasted almond flavor. 
  • 60 % ALMONDValencia Almonds from Spain
  • Balanced almond flavor with cooked caramel and the sweet notes.
  • 66 % HAZELNUT  Roman Hazelnuts from Italy:
  • Strong toasted hazelnut flavor.
  • 60 % HAZELNUT  Roman Hazelnuts from Italy:
  • Delicately sweet hazelnut flavor with notes of soft caramel.
  • 50 % ALMOND/HAZELNUT  Valencia Almonds from Spain and Roman Hazelnuts from Italy
  • Slightly sweet and sugary caramel notes preserve the flavor of almonds and hazelnuts.
 Crunchy Almond Hazelnut Praliné - Small  
  • CRUNCHY 50 % ALMOND/HAZELNUT  Valencia Almonds from Spain and Roman Hazelnuts from Italy:
  • Lightly roasted almond and hazelnut flavor. Crushed nuts give this praliné a crunchy texture. 












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